Fresco Stone Art Painting Technique

Artist, Felix Saez, has perfected this modern day Fresco-Style technique through
countless hours of research and experimentation.

Fresco was a highly prized technique from 1300 to 1450 AD , and still today, it is employed
in a more or less, modified form of painting, as created by Felix.

Fresco means “fresh”.  The paint is applied to the stone with very fine diluted washes.  As many
as 75 to 100 washes penetrate the stone surface to create a mask.  This allows the artist to
refine the painting to an exceptional degree of original colors, in harmony
with the 
many natural minerals found in the stone.

Felix’s Fresco-Style paintings are coated with glazes and sealers to ensure their
protection and retain their longevity.  The durability of Felix’s  frescos are of the highest quality.

“I welcome you and many aspiring artists to enjoy this unique art form.  View, learn and enjoy the journey.”